Applications and Maintenance of Antihail Net

Applications and Maintenance of Antihail Net

I. Application of antihail net

By covering the trellis with artificial isolation barriers, hailstones are kept out of the net, effectively preventing hail, frost, rain and snow and other weather hazards. It also has the role of light transmission and moderate shading, creating favourable conditions suitable for crop growth, ensuring a substantial reduction in the application of chemical pesticides to vegetable fields, making the output crops of high quality and hygiene, and providing a strong technical guarantee for the development of the production of pollution-free green agricultural products. Antihail nets also have the ability to resist natural disasters such as storm and hail attacks.

Antihail net is widely used in vegetables, oilseed rape, etc. for isolation of pollen introduction and potatoes and flowers that are grown in histoplasm after detoxification and pollution-free vegetables. They can also be applied to seedlings for pest control and disease prevention. Currently, they are the preferred products for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests.

II. Precautions and maintenance of antihail net

1. Avoid dragging the net across rough surfaces or sharp edges.

2. Do not lean on or stack things.

3. Avoid a lot of welding or other sparks falling around the netting.

4. Avoid serious acids and alkalis around the net.

5. When the antihail net is contaminated with chemicals or the net is embedded with coarse grit and other foreign matter that may cause abrasion, it should be rinsed and then dried naturally.

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