Functions and Principles of Insect-proof Nets

Functions and Principles of Insect-proof Nets

1. The role of insect-proof nets

Covered with insect-proof nets during whole growth stages, adult pests can not fly into the summer cultivation of fruit trees. Basically they can keep from cabbage worms, diamondback moths, mamestra brassicae, prodenia litura, phyllotreta striolata, aphids and other pests.

2. Disease prevention of insect-proof nets

Insect-proof nets for fruit trees can effectively inhibit the invasion of pests, while cutting off the transmission of viruses and reducing the harm caused by infection insects. Moreover, the good ventilation inside nets also inhibits the occurrence of some bacterial and fungal diseases to a certain extent. Viral disease is a disastrous disease for many fruit trees, mainly spread by insects, especially aphids. Since insect-proof nets cut off the main transmission of pests, virus infestation is greatly reduced.

3. The shading and cooling effect of insect-proof nets

Excessive sunlight will have a negative effect on fruit trees, accelerating metabolism to decay. These nets can block some of the light, so that trees can get the good light intensity needed for photosynthesis. The general shading rate of white nets is 15% to 20%, and they have the effect of scattering light when it passes through, making the light inside nets more uniform, reducing the lack of light on the lower leaves due to the blockage of the upper branches and leaves of fruit trees, to improve the utilization of light. At the same time, covering with these insect-proof meshes can increase the temperature of 10 cm soil depth of the shed in the morning and evening to promote the growth of the root and the absorption of nutrients. While the ground temperature can be lowered at noon to avoid damage caused by high ground temperature in the root.

4. The disaster prevention of insect-proof nets

The mechanical strength of the material used in insect-proof nets is high, so the impact of heavy rain or hail falling onto nets is buffered and they effectively protect trees. At the same time, these insect-proof nets also have certain anti-frost effect.

5. Labor and cost saving of insect-proof nets

Although the shading effect of shade nets is good, it is not suitable for whole growth stages because of too much shading. they need to uncover in the daytime or overcast day, which is more labor-intensive. In contrast, the shading of insect-proof nets is not much, so it can be used during whole growth stages until harvesting and save labor. After using insect-proof nets, fruit trees can be completely free of pesticides during whole growth stages. They control insecticide pollution and saves pesticides and relevant labor.

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