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Meyabond Product List
Meyabond Product List

Meyabond Product List

  • Anti Insect Net
    Anti Insect Net

    Anti insect net is widely used to protect crops from the damage caused by pests. Anti insect farm nets available from Meyabond: anti insect net 50 mesh, anti insect net 40 mesh, etc. With original weaving techniques and reinforced margin edges, our anti insect mesh works effectively and has a long service life.

  • Silo Net & Gravel Bags
    Silo Net & Gravel Bags

    Silo net & gravel bags serve are often used to store and protect silage. Our silo net and gravel bags are made of 100% virgin HDPE monofilaments and have good UV protection. We have silo net & gravel bags of different sizes and weights for you to choose from.

  • Plant Support Net
    Plant Support Net

    Plant support netting can be used either vertically or horizontally in multiple layers to support your plants. Meyabond's plant support netting is UV stabilized and of chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. With double reinforced edges, our climbing plant support net serves a long life.

  • Mesh Bag
    Mesh Bag

    Meyabond's mesh bag is made of 100% new HDPE, which can be used to protect plants and fruits from insects and birds. Also used for date harvest and pallet packing. We currently have fruit protection mesh bags, date palm tree net mesh bags, and fruit tree covers. All of our mesh bags are easy to install and eco-friendly.

  • Ground Cover Fabric
    Ground Cover Fabric

    Meyabond's ground cover mesh is of excellent weave quality and strong UV protection. The ground cover fabric allows air, water, and fertilizer to go through to the plants. Its width ranges from 3 ft to 16 ft. The ground cover mesh is available in various pre-packed sizes. Welcome to inquire!

  • Oyster Bags
    Oyster Bags

    Made of new HDPE pellets, our oyster bag is of strong and durable performance. It is a flexible way to raise your oysters, either floating on or at the bottom of the water. The normal size is 50cm*100cm, but we accept customized requirements.

  • HDPE Flat Net
    HDPE Flat Net

    Our HDPE flat net is made from food grade plastic raw material, which is UV-resistant. The HDPE nets can be ideal for outdoor use even under high and low temperatures. Those HDPE nets supplied by Meyabond are available in bulk rolls and customized sizes.

  • Sun Shade Net
    Sun Shade Net

    The sun shade netting is made of 100% new HDPE with UV-resistant function. The width varies from 1m-8m and the length can be customized according to customers' needs. This sun shade green net is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishing.

  • Anti Hail Net
    Anti Hail Net

    Anti hail mesh netting is made with Leno/Gauze weave that offers extra strength to protect against hail, sunstroke, birds and other damage. The raw material is UV-resistant and the anti hail net is recyclable. Our anti hail netting is available in several sizes.

  • Anti Bird Net
    Anti Bird Net

    The anti bird net is of UV resistance and easy to install. Meyabond supplies several different types of anti bird netting with different mesh sizes. Choose the right size of extruded anti bird netting to realize the best performance. Available in black, green, and white.