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Meyabond Product List
Meyabond Product List

Meyabond Product List

  • Anti Insect Net
    Anti Insect Net
    Was invented to protect crops from the damage caused by pests(such as aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, whitefly…etc.), Anti-insect net can prevent these insects and parasites from sabotaging crops. Because its design, anti-insect net reduces usage of chemical fertilizer and make crops grow more naturally. Anti-insect net is the most innovative, researchable and effective solution.
  • Ground Cover Fabric
    Ground Cover Fabric
    Used to cover the ground, as a protection of soil surface from erosion, drought and weed growth. Ground cover doesn’t only suppress weeds and save water, its air permeability allows air, water and fertilizer to go under the mesh.
  • Plant Support Net
    Plant Support Net
    Plant support netPlant support netting is a great value trellis netting that can be used either vertically to support your plants or horizontally in multiple layers so your plants can grow through th...
  • Mesh Bag
    Mesh Bag
    Made of 100% new HDPE , protection plant and fruits from insects and birds. Also used for collection dates and packing pallet.
  • Silo Net & Gravel Bags
    Silo Net & Gravel Bags
    Serves as a storage function for storing silage and is used to protect silage. For farmers to avoid animals and severe weather damage. Whether it is birds, mice, dogs, cattle and other animals or strong wind, hail, even to sharp objects such as branches, may cause silage damage and corruption.
  • Oyster Bags
    Oyster Bags
    Are made of virgin HDPE oyster mesh. It is a flexible way to raise your oysters, either floating on or at the bottom of water.
  • HDPE Flat Net
    HDPE Flat Net
    Made of 100% new HDPE, mainly used for aquatic products, poultry breeding, sericulture, civil engineering, sapling protection, garden course protection, railways, highways, roadbed reinforcement, etc..
  • Sun Shade Net
    Sun Shade Net
    Made of 100% new HDPE with UV, widely used in agriculture , forestry , animal husbandry and fishing.
  • Anti Hail Net
    Anti Hail Net
    Is the so called "Leno-weaving" with the yarns in warp which are interlaced two by two (like a propeller) in order to strengthen the position of the cross-weft yarn.
  • Anti Bird Net
    Anti Bird Net
    Adequately protect open spaces such as orchard, loading bays, roofs, and even building structures from all kinds of damages caused by birds of various species.