Mesh Bag
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Mesh Bag

Mesh bags, also known as plant protector bags, are made of high-quality see-through mesh cloth with PE Material, which is UV resistant. Meyabond currently supplies three main plant protector bags, that is, fruit protection mesh bags, date harvest mesh bags, and fruit tree bags. The fruit protection mesh bags are well used for fruits and vegetable protection. Our date palm tree net mesh bag has white and black forms and can effectively shield your ripening fruit. The fruit protection mesh bags are eco-friendly and widely used for garden and agricultural applications. The size and mesh of our plant protector bags can be customzied according to customers' needs.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Mesh Bags
    Fruit & Vegetable Mesh Bags
    Our fruit protection bags for sale are made of soft, stretchy and eco-friendly material. The reusable fruit mesh bags can be used to protect your fruits and vegetables.
  • Date Palm Tree Mesh Bags
    Date Palm Tree Mesh Bags
    Date palm bags can effectively protect ripening fruit from birds and insects. Our date palm bags are made of 100% New HDPE material that is UV resistant. White and black date net bags are available.
  • Fruit Tree Covers
    Fruit Tree Covers
    Our fruit tree covers for sale are made of eco-friendly material with good ventilation. The fruit tree protection bags can be widely used for garden and agricultural purposes.

Feature of Plant Protector Bags

Pest control: The insect net can basically block all kinds of insects, mosquitoes, pieris rapae, plutella xylostella, cabbage moth, prodenia litura, achillea, ape leaf insects, aphid. Significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Can be used to grow pollution-free crops.

Disease prevention: Virus disease is a catastrophic disease for many vegetables, it's mainly spreaded by insects, especially aphids. Insect net cut off the main transmission way, therefore, it helps greatly reduce the infection of vegetable viruses, control effect about 80%.

Regulate the temperature, soil temperature and humidity: Tests show insect nets help plants enjoy up to 3-5? lower temperature. Also, it can effectively prevent frost. Insect net helps reduce the indoor precipitation and the indoor evaporation.

Block sunlight: Insect nets can shade to a certain degree and reduce the possible inhibition caused by the strong light.

Advantages of Plant Protector Bags

  • Easy to install-Cover it directly; Build a hoop or a grow tunnel, then place the netting on the frame

  • High quality -Eco-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-pulling with ventilation and cooling effect.

  • Wide application -Widely used for garden and agricultural purpose, minimizing wind / hail / frost damages, keeping out birds and insects, and enhancing plants. Mainly used for cabbage, radish, eggplant, melons, beans, can improve seedling rate and seedling quality.