What are the Functions of the Sun Protection Net of Different Models

What are the Functions of the Sun Protection Net of Different Models

Sun protection nets for plants are not stranger to everyone or can be said to be very familiar to us. In summer, many crops will use sun protection nets. Because the weather is hot and the sun is strong in summer, the impact on crops is very big, so we will generally consider using sun protection nets. There are many types of sun protection nets, and different products have different functions. There are also differences in the use environment. Now let's introduce to you the effects sun protection nets of different models have.

Regular flowers and vegetables can be covered with a three-needle sun protection net for plants, while a two-needle sun protection net is suitable for sun-loving plants. For a long time, amateur vegetable farmers have long assumed that sun-loving plants didn’t need sun protection nets, but the fact is that the sun is relentless, and the plants without any sunshade measures in July and August are always so haggard. It is difficult for the seeds planted to retain moisture and sprout. The sprouting seedlings can't absorb the water in the deep soil layer with shallow roots, so it's difficult to grow. The evaporation of leaves in the middle growing period is too large to maintain vitality under the high temperature and hot sun. For example, after entering the high temperature season, the sun-loving plant grape does not give sun protection at all, the leaves will turn yellow, and the immature fruit will lose water and wrinkle its skin. But too much sun protection will make the plants grow in vain, too tender, with little flowers and small fruits. When the grape is covered with six needles of sun protection nets, the photosynthesis on the leaf surface will be weakened. Although the branches and leaves look green, the grape can't mature normally, which is more than half a month later than the normal ripening time. The color and brightness of the grapes will be reduced, the fragrance will be lighter, and the sweetness will be less obvious.

Now the function of sun protection nets in agriculture is more and more important, and we cannot leave sun protection nets. However, because there are many things planted in agriculture, when choosing sun protection net, what kind of products are suitable for use, and only the suitable ones are the best. If you have any other problems, please contact us in time to solve them as soon as possible.

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