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Application Effect and Key Points of Insect Mesh Protection Netting

Application Effect and Key Points of Insect Mesh Protection Netting

1. Application effect of insect mesh protection netting

(1) economic benefits

covered by insect mesh protection netting, vegetable production can be achieved without medicine or less medicine, thus saving medicine, labor and cost. Although the use of insect mesh protection nettings increases the production cost, due to the long service life of the insect mesh protection nettings (4-6 years), the annual use time is long (5-10 months), and it can be used in multiple crops (planting leafy vegetables can produce 6-8 crops), the input cost per crop is low (the effect is more obvious in disaster years). The quality of vegetables is good (no or less pesticide pollution), and the effect of increasing production is good.

(2) Social benefits

it has greatly improved the insect prevention and disaster resistance ability of vegetables in summer and autumn, and solved the problem of lack of vegetables in summer heat that has plagued governments, vegetable farmers and citizens at all levels for a long time. Its social effect is self-evident.

(3) Ecological benefits

environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. The control effect of chemical pesticides is remarkable, but it exposes many drawbacks. The frequent use of pesticides has caused the pollution of soil, water, and vegetables. Poisoning incidents occur from time to time due to accidental eating of pesticide-contaminated vegetables every year; the resistance of pests has increased, and the control is becoming more and more difficult. Pests such as Spodoptera even developed to the point where there is no cure. Insect-proof mulching cultivation is to achieve the purpose of insect-proof through physical control.

2. Key points for the use of insect mesh protection nettings

insect mesh protection netting is relatively simple to use, but the following points should be paid attention:

(1) must be covered for a full period.

shading by insect mesh protection netting. But there is not much shading, so there is no need to cover the day and night or the front and back. Full coverage should be made. Both sides are tightly pressed with bricks or soil. Only when pests are not given the opportunity to invade can satisfactory insect control effect be achieved. In general, there is no need to press the network cable under wind conditions. In case of strong winds of force 5-6, the network cable needs to be pulled up to prevent the strong wind from lifting the network.

(2) Select the appropriate specifications

the specifications of the insect mesh protection netting mainly include width, aperture, color, etc. In particular, the aperture and the number of insect mesh protection nettings are too small and the mesh is large, which cannot achieve the proper insect-proof effect. Too many eyes and too small mesh, although insect control will increase the cost of insect control.

at present, the suitable number recommended for production is 22-24 mesh, wire diameter is 14-18mm, width is 1.0-1.5m, and white. If you need to strengthen the shading effect of the insect mesh protection netting, you can choose black insect mesh protection netting, which is not only insect-proof, but also has appropriate shading effect. Silver-gray insect mesh protection nettings have better aphid avoidance effects, and insect mesh protection nettings of other colors need to be further developed and utilized.

(3) Comprehensive supporting measures

in addition to the coverage of insect control nets, combined with comprehensive supporting measures such as disease-resistant and insect-resistant varieties, heat-resistant varieties, pollution-free organic fertilizers, biological pesticides, and pollution-free water sources, better results can be obtained.

(4) Properly use and keep

after the anti insect net for agriculture is used in the field, it should be collected in time, washed, dried and rolled, so as to prolong the service life and increase the economic benefits.

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