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Are Fruit Tree Insect Nets Affected by Wind Speed?

Are Fruit Tree Insect Nets Affected by Wind Speed?

1. The relationship between fruit tree insect nets and soot

The loosening effect of small particles of soot is significant. When the wind speed is low, the cyclone will stay in the fruit tree insect-proof net for a long time, and the smoke and dust have a lot of opportunities to collide with obstacles, and the filtration efficiency is high.

As a rule of thumb, for insect mesh protection netting, if the wind speed is reduced by half, the transmittance of soot will decrease by nearly an order of magnitude, and when the wind speed is doubled, the transmittance will increase by an order of magnitude.

2. Frictional resistance and air volume of agricultural insect nets

Similar to the loosening effect, when the anti-insect net for agriculture is equipped with electrostatic induction, the longer the smoke and dust remain, the greater the adsorption probability. If the wind level is changed, the filtration efficiency will change significantly. Assuming you know that there is electrostatic induction on the material, when developing your design concept, you need to reduce the air flow as much as possible based on the insect screen.

For large particles of soot based on the principle of moment of inertia, according to traditional basic knowledge, after the wind speed is reduced, the probability of soot and fiber collision is reduced, and the filtration efficiency is reduced. However, in daily life, this effect is not significant, because the wind becomes smaller, the elasticity of the fiber to the soot becomes less, and the soot easily adheres.

When the wind is higher, the frictional resistance is higher. Assuming that the service life of the fruit tree insect net is based on frictional resistance and the wind is high, the service life of the insect net is shorter. For general users, it is not easy to theoretically study the effect of wind speed on filtration efficiency, but it is easier to study the effect of wind speed on frictional resistance.

For insect nets, the rate at which the cyclone overturns the filter material is generally 0.01~0.04m/s. Within this range, the frictional resistance of the insect net is proportional to the air volume of the filter system. For example, the initial frictional resistance of 484×484×220mm insect net under the rated air volume of 1000m³/h is 250pa. Assuming that the theoretical air volume in the application is 500m3/h, the initial frictional resistance can be reduced to 125pa.

In the relative range, the frictional resistance of the fruit tree insect net is no longer linear with the air volume. There is only one upward curve. Air volume will increase by 30%, and frictional resistance may increase by 50%.

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