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Can Insect Nets Prevent Huanglongbing and Psyllids of Citrus?

Can Insect Nets Prevent Huanglongbing and Psyllids of Citrus?

The main function of the insect net is to block foreign organisms and improve the temperature, humidity and light intensity in the net room. It acts as an important shield against certain pests, birds and mice. Can insect nets prevent Huanglongbing and psyllids when growing citrus? Let's take a look.

1. Do you use insect nets to prevent Huanglongbing?

Citrus Huanglongbing is a devastating disease. Once it happens, there is no cure. It needs to be cut off in time, and slaked lime powder should be sprinkled in the diseased hole for disinfection.

With the popularization of greenhouse insect nets, Huanglongbing has been effectively controlled. Many insect net manufacturers say that insect nets can prevent Huanglongbing and keep citrus fresh. However, it should be noted that the insect net for Huanglongbing is not 100%. The use of insect nets is one of the effective means to control Huanglongbing, but attention should also be paid to strengthening orchard management.

However, many fruit farmers said that using insect nets to prevent Huanglongbing costs 100 yuan per tree, and the cost is too high. At present, there is no successful case to prove this.

2. Can citrus insect nets prevent psyllids?

First of all, citrus insect nets can prevent psyllids, but it should be noted that to isolate psyllids, the height of the insect nets should be greater than 7 meters. A height of 5 meters is not a safe height.

Although the flight ability of psyllids is poor, depending on the terrain, if the orchard is on low terrain, psyllids will be present after high winds. The use of citrus insect-proof nets has played a good role in the prevention and control of Huanglongbing, and has brought good news to many citrus orchards. At the same time, covering the insect net also has the function of preventing fruit drop, which can effectively reduce the fruit drop rate and increase the yield. At the same time, the temperature and humidity in the net can be adjusted to achieve the effect of off-peak marketing and citrus preservation.

Control methods for citrus psyllids: Citrus Huanglongbing is transmitted by psyllids. In the process of citrus growth, timely use of thiamethoxam, acetamiprid, pymetrozine, acetaminophen, imidacloprid, veratridine, phenoxycarb, thiazide, carbofuran, bifenthrin, etc. can reduce morbidity.

To sum up, the use of agricultural insect nets can prevent Huanglongbing, but it is not 100% safe. Therefore, in the management process, citrus insect nets can be used to control psyllids, but management should be strengthened. Not all problems of an insect net are solved, and it is not so magical.

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