Cultivation of Vegetable Mulch: Use of Insect Mesh Protection Netting

Cultivation of Vegetable Mulch: Use of Insect Mesh Protection Netting

Insect mesh protection netting covering cultivation is one of the important measures for pollution-free production of agricultural products. It is a kind of high-quality polyethylene raw material with anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and other chemical additives, which is woven by drawing and looks like a window screen. It can keep pests out of the net, play the effect of preventing insects and protecting vegetables, and can greatly reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

1. The role of anti insect net for agriculture

It regulates air temperature and ground temperature; it shades light and adjusts humidity, which is especially suitable for summer and autumn cultivation; it is frost-proof and frost-proof; in early spring from late March to early April, the temperature in the shed covered by insect-proof nets is 1℃~2℃ higher than that in the open field, and the ground temperature is 0.5 ℃ ~ 1 ℃ higher than that in the open field, which can effectively prevent frost; it is resistant to heavy rain and strong wind; due to the small mesh size and high strength, after the rainstorm has been hit by the insect mesh protection netting, it has become a drizzle in the net, and the impact force is weakened, which is conducive to the growth of vegetables; it prevents insects and virus diseases, and basically avoids the harm of cabbage caterpillars, moths, cotton bollworms, aphids and other pests and the occurrence of virus diseases.

Leafy vegetables are produced in open fields with many insect pests and serious pesticide pollution; nightshade vegetables are prone to virus diseases in summer and autumn; anti insect net for agriculture blocks the transmission of pests, reduces virus infection, and reduces rotten fruit; for melons, inspect mesh protection netting is beneficial to reduce the occurrence of viral diseases and the harm of yellow squash, melon and silk centipedes; for beans, inspect mesh protection netting has a control effect of more than 95% on pod borer and Liriomyza sativa, and can also increase chlorophyll content, increase leaf area, and enhance root activity; in seedling cultivation, every June to August is the season of autumn vegetable seedling cultivation. It is a period of high temperature, heavy rain and frequent insect pests, which makes it difficult to cultivate seedlings.

2. Anti insect net for agriculture is used for vegetable covering

After using the insect-proof net, the vegetable seedling rate is high, the survival rate is high, and the quality is good, so as to win the initiative of autumn and winter vegetable production; in vegetable seed production, insect nets can prevent hybridization between varieties caused by insect activities, resulting in mixed and degraded seeds; it can be widely used in vegetable seed production.

(1) Soil disinfection and chemical weeding before mulching

This is an important supporting measure for mulching and cultivation with insect-proof nets. It is necessary to kill the bacteria and pests remaining in the soil and block the transmission of pests. The soil should be compacted around the insect net to prevent pests from sneaking in and laying eggs. When the small arched shed is used to cover the cultivation of vegetables, the height of the arched shed should be higher than the height of the crops, so as to prevent the vegetable leaves from sticking to the insect mesh protection netting, so that the pests outside the net can eat the vegetable leaves and lay their eggs on the vegetable leaves. Check the damage of the insect net at any time, and plug the loopholes and gaps in time.

(2) Implementing the coverage of the whole reproductive period

There is not much shading in insect mesh protection netting, and it is not necessary to cover it day and night or cover it in the shade. Generally, there is no need to press the network cable in the wind. In case of strong winds of level 5 to 6, you need to pull up the pressure network cable to prevent it from being opened.

(3) Select the appropriate specifications

The width, aperture, wire diameter, color, etc. of the inspect mesh protection netting are selected according to the conditions of the vegetable field and the needs of different crops and seasons. The important thing is the aperture. If the aperture mesh is too small and the mesh is too large, the insect-proof effect cannot be achieved; if the mesh is too large, the mesh is small, the insect-proof effect is good, but the shading is too much, which is not good for the growth of crops.

At present, the most suitable ones are 20-25 meshes, the wire diameter is 0.18 mm, the width is 1.2-3.6 meters, and the color is white. If you need to strengthen the shading effect of insert mesh protection netting, you can choose silver gray or gray and black insert mesh protection netting. Silver-gray insect mesh protection netting is better for aphid avoidance.

(4) Comprehensive supporting measures

Use heat-resistant, disease-resistant varieties, pollution-free organic fertilizers, biological pesticides, pollution-free water and so on.

(5) Water spray to cool down

When the temperature is high in summer, the frequency of watering can be increased to maintain the humidity in the net and cool down with humidity.

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