Insect Control Principle and Covering Effect of Vegetable Insect Control Net

Insect Control Principle and Covering Effect of Vegetable Insect Control Net

Insect-proof net covering cultivation is one of the important measures for the pollution-free production of agricultural products. It is of great significance to use no or less chemical pesticides, reduce pesticide pollution, and produce pesticide-free, pollution-free and pollution-free vegetables. According to reports, insect netting for vegetabless have been widely used in Israel, Sweden, the United States, Japan and other countries.

1. The principle of insect control of insect netting for vegetables

Insect-proof net is made of high-quality polyethylene raw materials with chemical additives such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet. It is woven by wire drawing and looks like a window screen. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. Insect netting for vegetables is an artificial isolation barrier constructed by insect-proof net to keep pests out of the net, so as to obtain the effect of insect-proof and vegetable protection. The application of this technology can greatly reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

2. Covering form of insect net

Covering the greenhouse, the insect-proof net can be directly covered on the scaffold, and the surrounding area is compacted with soil or bricks. Covering the small arch shed, the insect-proof net can be covered on the top surface of the arch frame, and the surrounding area is tightly covered. Afterwards, water is poured directly on the net, and it is fully enclosed and covered until harvesting. Covered with horizontal trellis, all vegetable fields are covered with insect-proof nets. This covering method saves insect-proof nets and net frames and is easy to operate.

3. Covering effect of insect netting for vegetables

①Adjust air temperature and ground temperature

According to the test, under the 25-mesh white insect-proof net, the temperature of the greenhouse is the same as that of the open field in the morning and evening, but under the high temperature conditions at noon on a sunny day, the temperature in the net is about 1 °C higher than that of the open field, and the ground temperature of 10 cm in the greenhouse is higher than that of the open field in the morning and evening. And at noon it is lower than the open field.

②Shading and humidity control

The shading rate of 25-mesh white insect-proof net is 15%-25%, which is lower than that of sunshade net and agricultural film. The silver-gray insect net is 37%, and the gray insect net can reach 45%. Covered with insect nets, the air humidity is higher than the open field in the morning and lower than the open field at noon and evening. The relative humidity in the net is about 5% higher than that in the open field, and nearly 10% higher after watering, which is especially suitable for summer and autumn cultivation.

③Anti-frost and antifreeze

In early spring, from late March to early April, the temperature in the shed covered by the insect-proof net is 1-2°C higher than that in the open field, and the temperature in the 5cm floor is 0.5-1°C higher than that in the open field, which can effectively prevent frost.

④Anti-storm and strong wind

Strong storms in summer will cause mechanical damage to vegetables, compact the soil, and lead to the phenomenon of fallen and dead seedlings. After the insect-proof net is covered, due to the small mesh size and high strength, after the rainstorm is hit by the insect-proof net, it will become a drizzle in the net, and the impact force will be weakened, which is conducive to the growth of vegetables. According to the measurement, under the 25 mesh insect control net, the wind speed in the greenhouse is 15%-20% lower than that in the open field. Under the 30 mesh insect control net, the wind speed is reduced by 20%-25%, so the insect control net has a good anti-strong wind effect.

⑤Anti-insect, anti-virus disease

After covering the insect net, it can basically avoid cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moth, cabbage armyworm, beet armyworm, littoral armyworm, cotton bollworm, bean field bud, melon silk bud, yellow warped flea beetle, ape leaf beetle, twenty control the occurrence of virus diseases caused by the spread of pests against the harm of various pests such as ladybugs, aphids, and Liriomyza sativa.

⑥Increase production and income, improve quality

According to the test, the 25-mesh white insect-proof net covered in the greenhouse has the highest yield, which can increase the yield by about 30%; the vegetables in the net are less polluted by pesticides, have no insect eyes, are clean, and have less mud. The harvest period is 4-5 days earlier than the open field.

⑦Protection of natural enemies

The living space formed by the insect-proof net provides an ideal habitat for the activities of natural enemies, and will not make the natural enemies escape to the outer space, which creates favorable conditions for the application and promotion of biological insect control technology.

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