Introduction and Application of Anti-hail Net

Introduction and Application of Anti-hail Net

1. What is the anti-hail net?

The anti-hail net is a mesh fabric woven by polyethylene material. The shape of the mesh surface is "well" shape, crescent shape, diamond shape, etc. The mesh size is generally 5-10 mm. In order to increase the service life, antioxidants and light stabilizers can be added, the usual colors are white, black, transparent.

Anti-hail nets are usually packaged in rolls with trademarks inside and plastic bags outside, which is convenient for transportation and reduces damage to the mesh surface during transportation.

In recent years, there have been many hail disasters. The use of anti-hail nets can effectively resist the disasters caused by hail, thereby reducing the loss of crops. There are more and more fruit farmers using anti-hail nets in China.

Fruit tree anti-hail net: professional orchard, fruit tree anti-hail net, by covering the trellis to build an artificial isolation barrier, so that your orchard can rest easy.

2. Application range of anti-hail net:

The orchards or vineyards planted by many farmers are vulnerable to hailstorms in winter.

Fruit tree anti-hail net is a kind of plastic net made of polyethylene with anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet chemical agents as the main raw material, which is woven by wire drawing. It has high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and non-toxic Odorless, easy waste disposal and other advantages. It can prevent natural disasters such as hail. Routine use and storage are light, and the life of proper storage can reach 3-5 years.

The anti-hail net has the function of resisting natural disasters such as storm erosion and hail attack. Therefore, the anti-hail net is also widely used for isolating the introduction of pollen when the original seeds of vegetables and rapeseed are propagated, and for isolation after tissue culture detoxification of potatoes and flowers. And pollution-free vegetables, etc., can also be used to prevent insects and diseases in tobacco seedlings. At present, it is the first choice for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests. If the orchard does not have measures such as erecting anti-hail nets, usually farmers will suffer a lot of orchard losses.

As one of the leading net manufacturers, Meyabond offers a wide range of nets from insect nets to ground cover nets to shade nets. We have been manufacturing nets since 2008. We specialize in the production and trade of nets for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and other industrial uses.

For example, our HDPE mesh net works well and has been well received by customers. HDPE monofilament is an ideal raw material for the production of atmospheric agent resistant mesh. In fact, the polyethylene granules are carefully mixed with anti-oxidant additives and are therefore highly resistant to hail. Welcome to consult.

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