Mechanism of Anti-hail Net

Mechanism of Anti-hail Net

1. Intercepting effect of anti-hail net

The anti-hail net can intercept all hailstones with a diameter greater than or equal to the mesh of the anti-hail net, so that it cannot cause damage to grapes.

2. The buffering effect of the anti-hail net

After the hail whose diameter is smaller than the mesh falls, it collides with the anti-hail net. Most of the kinetic energy of the hail falling is absorbed by the anti-hail net, which acts as a buffer. After the second landing, the kinetic energy of the hail becomes very small, and the kinetic energy of hitting the grapes again Not enough to harm the grapes.

Due to the uneven force on all sides when the net is erected, the mesh specifications of the anti-hail net seldom have regular quadrilaterals, but most of them are rhombus. On the other hand, most of the hailstones are accompanied by strong winds during the landing process. If no nets are erected, the windward side of the ear will be seriously damaged after hailstorm, and the leeward side will be lighter, and the hail will hit the line at a certain angle during the landing process.

Therefore, the actual line collision probability of the anti-hail net will be much higher than the theoretical value; in the end, only a few hailstones will pass through the mesh directly.

On the surface, erecting anti-hail nets seems to be a passive attack, but in fact it is an active and effective defense measure. The successful development of this technology has replaced the anti-aircraft guns that have been used for many years, and is a major technological innovation in the history of artificial hail prevention. 

The probability model of hail hitting the hail net is obtained by analyzing the probability of hail hitting the hail net using the mathematical probability theory. The probability model of hail hitting the line of the square hail net: α4=2LR-R2L2×100% (R<L) R is the diameter of the hailstone, and L is the side length of the anti-hail net.

Using the anti-hail net impact probability model to accurately evaluate the damage caused by hail nets in different areas and different specifications to grapes, and determine the appropriate mesh size on the basis of mastering the occurrence of hail, it can provide a theoretical basis for artificial hail prevention in hail area vineyards.

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