Date Palm Tree Mesh Bags

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Anti insect net mesh bag/Date bag

Date palm bags safely protect your valuable fruit. These date palm bags will effectively shield your ripening fruit from preying birds and insects. The bags on palm trees are also great for placing over the entire plant (depending on size), clusters of fruit, or an individual piece of fruit. The palm tree bags are typically applied one time before fruits' maturity and then removed during harvest. The palm tree net can assist in controlled pollination. The palm tree bags offer exclusion in a simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access to pest, their derived viruses, and disease. The date palm mesh bag will simply catch ripening dates and other fruit from falling onto the ground now contributed to a higher yield.

Sample of PE Date Palm Mesh Bag

The PE date palm mesh bag has a unique opening and its bottom design helps farmers achieve higher yields. We have black date harvest mesh net bag and white date harvest mesh net bag for customers to choose from.

Specification of Date Harvest Mesh Bag

Product Date palm mesh bags
Material 100% New HDPE +uv
Mesh 18x18; 40x35; 50x25
width 80cm-100cm
Length 110cm-400cm
Weight 165gsm-470gsm
Color White, black
Accessory Zipper, velcro or other customized


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