Value-added Services

Value-added Services

value-added services: In order to providing the better services to meet our customers needs and promote business developments, we are providing customers with a variety of value-added services.

1. Sewing  

We can provide flexible widths by sewing up to 20 meters; single needle stitching, double needle stitching and locking stitching are available. Various insect net bags can also be sewed according to customer requirements.

2. Sewing zipper, velcro and drawstring

 Sewing zipper, velcro and drawstring for insect nets and mesh bags , easy to install, remove and close, can protect the fruit or vegetables from insects and virus. 

zipper      drawstring

velcro      velcro

3. Packing details 

Anti insect net

Plastic mesh


Oyster bag


Trellis  netting



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