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Several Issues That Need to Be Noticed when Choosing Anti Insect Nets

Several Issues That Need to Be Noticed when Choosing Anti Insect Nets

At present, many vegetable growers use 30-mesh anti insect nets, and some vegetable growers use 60-mesh anti insect nets. The color of the anti insect nets used by vegetable growers includes black, brown, white, silver, and blue. So what kind of anti insect net is better?

Ⅰ. Reasonable selection of anti insect nets according to the pests to be prevented

In autumn, many pests begin to appear in the shed, especially some moths and butterfly pests. Due to the large bodies of these pests, vegetable growers can use relatively small anti insect nets, such as 30 to 60 mesh anti insect nets. However, if there are more weeds and whiteflies outside the greenhouse, it is necessary to prevent the whiteflies from entering through the holes of the anti insect net. It is recommended that vegetable growers use anti insect nets with higher mesh number, such as 40 to 60 mesh.

Ⅱ. Choose different colors of anti insect nets according to different needs

Because thrips have a strong blue stimulus, the use of blue anti insect nets can easily attract thrips outside the greenhouse to the surroundings of the greenhouse. Once the anti insect nets are not well covered, many thrips will enter the greenhouse and cause harm to vegetables. If white anti insect net is used, this phenomenon will not occur in the greenhouse, and when used in conjunction with sun protection nets, it is advisable to choose white. A silver-gray anti insect net also has a better repelling effect on aphids. The black anti insect net has a significant shading effect and is not suitable for use in winter and even cloudy days. You can choose according to actual needs.

Generally, the temperature is lower in spring and autumn, and the light is weaker thus anti insect nets should be used; in summer, black or silver-gray anti insect nets should be used for shading and cooling; in areas with rampant aphids and serious virus diseases, to drive away aphids prevent virus diseases, silver-gray anti insect nets should be used.

Ⅲ. When choosing an anti insect net, pay attention to checking whether the anti insect net is complete

Some vegetable growers reported that many anti insect nets they just bought have broken holes, so they are reminded that they should unfold the anti insect nets when buying, and check whether there are holes in the anti insect nets.However, we recommend that when the anti insect net is used alone, you should choose brown or silver gray, and when it is used with sunshade nets, you should choose silver gray or white. The mesh is generally 40- to 60-mesh.

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