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The Function of the Date Palm Net Bag

The Function of the Date Palm Net Bag

The high-yield date is a crucial export crop for some countries in the Middle East. Being rich in nutrients, ripe dates can be effectively protected by the date palm net bag from offensive birds, troublesome insects and unexpected falls. Besides, the date palm mesh bag is capable of coating the entire plant (depending on its size) and packing fruit clusters or individuals, which are on their way to maturity. When it comes to the fructescence, uncover the prosperity and enjoy the harvest. Versatile as it is, the net bag is favorable for the pollination by an organic exclusive strategy, which even benefits crops being pest-proof and free from derived viruses and diseases. With the date palm protective bag, simply taking advantage of the ripening period is able to contribute to a higher yield for the suffer of the unexpected fall steps out of the concern.

A unique opening and a specific bottom design of the date palm net bag are in favor of the farmers for a productive harvest. We, Meyabond have prepared black date harvest mesh net bag and white date harvest mesh net bag for you to choose.

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