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The Installation of a Leno Mesh Anti Hail Net

The Installation of a Leno Mesh Anti Hail Net

The optimum installation of a leno mesh anti hail net will be in March in advance of the northern rainy season, otherwise the early onset is more than necessary while the late one is full of regrets. Here are the simple steps to set up the leno mesh anti hail net. Unfold it and evenly cover the grape trellis leaving 5 ~ 10 cm free space over the top of the grape. Then, connect two nets with nylon rope tied or sewed and the same to its edges and corners to get a tightened enough net, with which a vineyard will be able to survive the hail attacks.

Take a vineyard for example: Three main materials are the column, the net rack and the hail net together with auxiliary materials such as rack pads, wire, pressure wire and so on.

Column Selection: Column, the framework to support the rack and the net, shall be strong and durable with a service life of more than 15 years. Wood, cement and stone columns are preferred.

There are two solutions for the column set-up. For the long existing garden, bind a hardwood pole onto the previous column to form a new one, which is able to bear the weight of racks, nets and the hail. For the fresh new garden, add another 60 cm of cement or stone columns to the original grape frame to directly form the one for the leno mesh anti hail net.

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