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Three Aspects Need to Be Considered when Choosing a Sun Protection Net in the Market

Three Aspects Need to Be Considered when Choosing a Sun Protection Net in the Market

Sun protection net, also known as shading net, is a new type of protective windproof mulch covering material used for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry that has been promoted in the past 10 years. In summer, it blocks light and rain, moisturizing and cooling the area .It also has a certain heat preservation and humidification effect. What aspects should be considered when choosing a sun protection net?

Ⅰ. It is necessary to distinguish material of sun protection net

At present, there are two kinds of materials for the production of sun protection net on the market: one is chemical high-density polyethylene, and the other is obtained by recycling old sun protection nets or plastic products for reprocessing. The sun protection net produced from recycled materials not only has a low finish, a hard hand feeling, and a pungent odor, but also has a short service life, most of which can only be used for around one and a half years; while the sun protection net produced by high density polyethylene is durable, and its life span can reach 3 to 4 years.

Ⅱ. Buy sun protection nets by weight 

There are two ways to sell sun protection nets on the market: one is by area and the other is by weight. When choosing, don't just rely on one way to buy. It should be carefully compared to see the density of the material, and you should beware of inferior "weight" sun protection net.

Ⅲ. Choose different sun protection nets according to the types of vegetables

Currently, the sun protection nets on the market are mainly black and silver gray. The black sun protection net has a high shading rate and fast cooling. It is suitable for short-term coverage of fields that require fine management in the hot summer; the silver-gray sun protection net has a low shading rate and is suitable for light-loving vegetables and long-term coverage. The color does not determine the quality of the sun protection net. These colors are added in the process of manufacturing the raw materials. Therefore, you should choose different types of vegetables for different sun protection nets.

Generally speaking, the service life of the sun protection net is two to four years. However, there are more and more manufacturers of sun protection net on the market, and the product quality is also varied, so the specific service life of the sun protection net cannot be accurately predicted.

However, good quality sun protection nets can be used for a very long time, and some damages will not occur frequently. If you purchase a sun protection net of relatively general or poor quality, the sun protection net will have the phenomena of softening and deformation for a while. Therefore, when purchasing sun protection nets, we should choose better quality products, which can avoid secondary coverage of the same crop and better protect the crops.

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