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Three Precautions During Covering Insect Mesh Protection Netting

Three Precautions During Covering Insect Mesh Protection Netting

The development of vegetable greenhouses has been going on for several years, but a lot of problems have also been found. Pests and diseases are a very annoying thing. Therefore, it is very necessary to install the insect net, and with its existence, it can effectively prevent insect damage.

After covering the insect mesh protection netting, it can basically avoid a variety of pests such as cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, and aphids. It also has a certain degree of disease prevention. If you do not pay attention, the spread of the virus will bring catastrophic consequences, especially the spread of aphids, and its harm is huge.

The installation of insect mesh protection netting in vegetable greenhouses cuts off the transmission of pests, and to a certain extent reduces the incidence of viruses. Also, it can regulate air temperature, soil temperature and humidity. In the spring and autumn, cover with a white insect mesh protection netting, which can achieve a good thermal insulation effect and can effectively reduce the impact of frost. In summer, black and silver-gray insect nets are generally used, which can take into account the functions of shading and cooling.

In addition, with anti insect net for agriculture, part of the rainwater can be blocked from falling into the shed. This will reduce the humidity in the field and also reduce the evaporation of water in the vegetable greenhouse on sunny days. Finally, its shading effect is also good. Strong light will inhibit the normal growth of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, and the insect mesh protection netting can play a certain shading effect.

In the process of using the insect mesh protection netting of greenhouse, we must pay attention to several matters, so that we can play a good effect in the process of use. So, what issues should we pay attention to? Below we will introduce to you.

1. First of all, in the selection of insect-proof nets for greenhouses, the mesh number, color and width of the gauze should be considered. If the mesh is too small and the mesh is too large, it will not have the proper insect-proof effect. And if the number is too large and the mesh is too small, although it can prevent insects, poor ventilation will lead to high temperature and excessive shading, which is not conducive to crop growth.

Generally, 22-24 mesh insect nets should be used. In spring and autumn, compared with summer, the temperature is lower and the light is weak, so white insect mesh protection netting should be used. In summer, in order to take into account both shading and cooling, it is advisable to use black or silver-gray insect mesh protection netting. In areas where aphids and virus diseases occur, in order to repel aphids and prevent virus diseases, silver-gray insect control nets should be used.

2. The insect mesh protection netting ensures the quality of coverage. The insect mesh protection netting should be fully enclosed and covered, and the surrounding areas should be compacted with soil and fixed with a lamination line. Doors entering and exiting large, medium sheds and greenhouses must be installed with insect-proof nets, and pay attention to close them immediately when entering and exiting.

Insect-proof nets cover cultivation in small arched sheds, and the height of the scaffolding is significantly higher than that of the crops. It is necessary to avoid the vegetable leaves being close to the insect-proof net to prevent pests from eating outside the net or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves. There should be no gaps between the insect-proof net used for closing the air vents and the transparent covering, so as to avoid the entry and exit channels for pests. We need to inspect and repair holes and gaps in the insect net at any time.

3. Insect control after the insect mesh protection netting is covered. Seeds, soil, plastic sheds or greenhouse skeletons, frame materials, etc. may contain pests and eggs. After the insect mesh protection netting is covered and before planting vegetables, it is necessary to carry out insecticide treatment on the seeds, soil, greenhouse skeleton, frame materials, etc. This is the key link to ensure the cultivation effect of the insect mesh protection netting.

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