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What to Pay Attention to when Installing and Using Anti-insect Nets in Greenhouses?

What to Pay Attention to when Installing and Using Anti-insect Nets in Greenhouses?

In the greenhouse, the insect-proof net is widely used, so can the insect-proof net be used at will? What should I pay attention to when using the anti-insect nets? Here are a few precautions when using insect nets for your reference.

1. Before sowing or planting, use high-temperature stuffy sheds or spray low-toxic pesticides to kill parasite pupae and larvae in the soil.

2. It is best to bring the seedlings into the shed when planting, and choose robust plants that are free of diseases and insect pests.

3. Strengthen daily management, close the door of the greenhouse when entering and leaving the greenhouse, and disinfect the relevant utensils before carrying out agricultural operations to prevent the introduction of viruses to ensure the effectiveness of the insect mesh protection netting.

4. Frequently check whether there are tears in the anti-insect net. Once found, it should be repaired in time to ensure that there is no intrusion of pests in the greenhouse.

5. Ensure coverage quality. Insect nets should be fully enclosed and covered, compacted with soil around them, and fixed firmly with laminated lines; Insect nets must be installed when entering and exiting large and medium sheds and greenhouse doors, and be careful to close them immediately when entering and exiting. The small arch canopy is cultivated with insect-proof net covering, and the height of the scaffold should be significantly higher than that of the crop. Avoid vegetable leaves close to the insect-proof net, so as to prevent pests from eating outside the net or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves. The anti-insect net used to close the air outlet should not leave a gap between the transparent cover, so as not to leave an in and out channel for pests.

6. Comprehensive supporting measures. In addition to the coverage of insect-proof nets, combined with comprehensive supporting measures such as pest-resistant varieties, heat-resistant varieties, pollution-free package fertilizers, pollution-free water sources, micro-sprinkler and micro-irrigation, etc., you can get better results.

7. Properly use and keep. After field use, the insect-proof net should be collected in time, washed, blow-dried, and rolled up to prolong its service life and increase economic benefits.

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